Natural silk source 01

Soil modification

  Company has taken the EU organic agricultural regulation EC 834/2007, 889/2008 as the implementation basis, to maintain water and soil and improve soil fertility, minimize the changes in the original natural ecological environment, so as to avoid the usage of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other chemical products and genetically modified products, reduce chemical residues in the soil, air, water, and vegetation. Company takes organic fertilizer such as farm manure and agricultural products as the main source of fertilizer, using organic compost, bio-power promoter technology to improve and activate soil activity. After 3 years’ conversion period, the professional certification body will do sampling testing of water and soil see if it meets the organic standards, and also check the entire organic production process documents, production records, training records. The control body will talk to management and farmers. Only all meet the standard, can we plant qualified organic mulberries.

Organic mulberry field

 The construction of organic mulberry field construction includes mulberry field, breeding house, green manure, buffer zone and other projects. Selecting qualified mulberry varieties suitable for local climate and natural conditions for planting varieties grafted. In order to minimize the entry of foreign pests and diseases, the mulberry branches introduced from the outside should be   strictly quarantined. Mulberry trees should be partition planted, and plant buffer zone in each region. Appropriately plant a certain number of evergreen plants and some fruit trees to maintain a relatively closed environment. At present, the technology is basically mature.

 Pests and diseases prevention and control technology is a long-term research content of organic agriculture production. There are many types of pests and diseases, and there will be a great harm if diseases attacked. Combining the advanced technology of organic agriculture in domestic and foreign, the organic mulberry comprehensive control technology of agriculture, biology and physics has been formulated:


The use of bio-mechanical promoter of the technical effect of pests and diseases in the larger areas, focusing on adding starting agent 502-507 to enhance the plant's own resistance.


Use physical methods: such as feeding natural enemies, the release of attractants, the elimination of plants pests and diseases


Closed construction park, strengthen management, strict control the entry of pests and diseases.

Organic sericulture

 In the process of organic silkworms breeding, the selected silkworm eggs should be not only suitable for the local climate and environmental conditions, but also have high disease resistance and high yield. Well management and disinfection work should be done before, during and after breeding, using lime water to conduct a thorough clean of the silkworm breeding tools to ensure that the healthy growth of silkworms and which will not be polluted by chemicals so that the harvest of cocoons can be qualified organic cocoons.