Twenty years’ deep plowing, focusing on organic.

01Twenty years’ deep plowing, focusing on organic.

We care about water、air and soil to ensure the safety of the whole production chain and each participant so that we passed many kinds of certification and audits, GOTS、FWF、SGS(SMETA) and so on.
Our annual output of organic silk has hugely changed from the beginning of 500 kg to 20 t in 2016, our annual clothing production reached to 200,000 pieces. We practice our concept of environmental protection, symbiosis and sustainability.
In 2003 we’re the world’s first company who got organic cocoon certification.
In 1998 we’re the first company who constructed bio-dynamic farm in China.
In 1997 we’re the world's first company to apply reactive dyes for silk dyeing.
In the light of the original intention “do sustainable work” and “Since there's no organic silk in the world, let's try it”, OTEX team has engaged in organic silk industry for twenty one years.

Professor Lead, Professional team

02Professor Lead, Professional team

The company has a long-term cooperation relationship with organic agricultural experts Dr. Dr.Julius F.Obermaier, profesor Andrae Stephan and two researchers of China Representative Office of Swiss Institute of eco Market Research as technical consultants, which has established a technical cooperation relationship with domestic related universities and colleges and scientific research institutes.

There are 5 agricultural experts keeping engaged in organic silk development, 10 full-time and part-time professional technicians. At the moment, there are more than 600 production stall engaged in organic sericulture in our base.

Tracking Origins, Keep improving

03Tracking Origins, Keep improving

After more than 20 years focused on the development of organic sericulture, the company has accumulated the experience of the whole organic industry chain, established a complete set of organic products traceability system. All agricultural and production activities were recorded and archived from organic mulberry to organic cocoon, from organic silkworm to organic silk, from organic raw materials to organic clothing, each batch of products are independently numbered and used independent shipment equipment, separate storage, hanging organic logo tag.

Social Responsibilities, Sustainable Development

04Social Responsibilities, Sustainable Development

The company since its establishment has always taken the social responsibility as the basis of company development, which passed the inspection of EU certification and foreign third party organization since 2000, made the organic industry development closely integrated with social responsibility.