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About OTEX

Time will not leave up any one who is waiting, of course also including a handful of soil and a piece of silk.

  •   Sichuan OTEX Textiles Co., Ltd. is a foreign-funded enterprise which set up by the well-known organic products distributor ”Triaz GmbH” and Tiansheng(Hongkong) Investment Group Co., Ltd. OTEX has set foot in organic and natural textiles for more than twenty years, which mainly engaged in breeding silkworm, producing organic raw silk material, producing and selling organic and natural textiles. OTEX has become to the world’s first producer who owns the organic silk industry chains in 2000, and is also one of the largest producers of organic silk garments and the earliest GOTS certificated enterprise in China.

  • About OTEX

Company philosophy

Environmental protection, Symbiosis, Sustainability

In the light of the original intention “do sustainable work” and “Since there's no organic silk in the world, let's try it”, OTEX team began deep into organic silk industry and tillnow it has been 21 years. We practice the idea that people and nature co-exist harmoniously and sustainable development in every link, from organic mulberry cultivation, silkworm breeding, organic cocoon harvest, and organic silk fabri cweaving/knitting to the final silk garments making. We aim to realize thesu stainable balance from the two aspects of environmental responsibility and social responsibility.

Twenty years’ deep plowing, focusing on organic.

History story


Our company was founded in 1996. At the beginning of the establishment, company has already kept the concept of environmental protection in mind. All the garments were mostly made from silk and some other natural fiber of cotton, wool and hemp. We use the best environmental reactive dyes to minimize the harmful impact on environment and human body.


In order to find the solution of organic raw material, we decided to build a bio-dynamic sericultural farm. We started the farm site selection in 1997.


In 1998, with the help and support of the senior Demeter consultant Dr.Julius Obermaier, our farm finally located in Dakang town, Jiangyou city, and then the first mulberry tree was planted.


In 2003, After five years’ careful researches and practices of soil, livestock, compost, biology promoterb and sericulture, Dakang farm obtained the certification of organic cocoon issued by Switzerland IMO, which was the world’s first organic certification in that time.


In 2009, our company became the first member of GOTS in China.


In 2014, in order to meet new challenge, Yilong OTEX Agriculture Science and Technology Company was set up. We’ve developed about 3058 mu of organic mulberry field in Yilong County according to organic agriculture production standard and management, the annual output of raw silk reached to 50 tons


Focusing on each process, from sericulture to fabric knitting, from dyeing to sewing, the concept of nature and environmental always kept in our mind, the global organic textile standard has been strictly implemented. In 2016 the production scale of organic silk reached to 50 tons, and garments reached to 200,000 pieces per year.